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Advanced Wireless Solutions

Wireless communication is the transmission of data without cables or wires. In place of a physical connection, data travels through electromagnetic signals broadcast from sending facilities to intermediate and end-user devices. This includes communications using radio frequency (RF) as well as infrared (IR) waves.
The new generation of wireless communications creates more sophisticated capabilities, giving users more flexibility in how they access the information and services they need. As a result, people can now connect to resources from almost anywhere. 

Wireless communications offer several cost and connectivity benefits for organizations. Laying of Physical cables can be costly due to the high labor & material costs involved. Cable tracing, cable detection, and rectification works are also time and cost-consuming when it comes to maintenance, repair, or replacement of infrastructure.

Wireless communication systems on the other hand can be easily set up to communicate with each other over long distances via Line of Sight. The equipment is easily accessible, and any faults or issues can be easily detected and rectified without the need for time-consuming tracing work. Regular Maintenance of the system also ensures that the system operates in High availability. This removes the need for physical cabling and increases productivity while saving costs as well.
Wireless communications are now a fundamental part of our daily lives. As capacity and performance characteristics supported by these standards converge, wireless communications enable us to advance in the solutions we provide 

ACOM offers a wide range of security and managed services to assist you with your current and future requirements. 

Reach out to our Sales Team for more details about our managed services!

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