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Physical Security

  • Improving perimeter defence for organisation(s) with the help of technology which includes but is not limited to, FIDS (Fence Intrusion Detection System), Crash Bollards, Crash Arm Barrier, Road Blockers & Access Control Systems.

  • Tripod, Full Height, and Half Height Turnstiles with an Access Control System to manage authorisation of entry and human traffic speed within protected premises.


Protecting Assets with the following framework:


  • Identifying function assists in developing an organisational understanding of managing risk to systems, people, assets, and data in the client’s premises.

  • Protect function supports the ability to limit or contain the impact of potential security events and outlines safeguards for the delivery of critical services.

  • Detect function defines the appropriate activities to identify the occurrence of a security event in a timely manner.

  • Respond includes appropriate activities to act regarding a detected security incident to minimize impact.

  • Recover function identifies appropriate activities to maintain plans for resilience and to store services impaired during security incidents.

Security Room
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