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Security & Surveillance System

prevention is better than cure. We help you build a hedge of protection, and an edge over your competition / over something (along the lines of this).

Security: (ACS)

  • Improved & enhances security by restricting and limiting access to authorised personnels only

  • Protect Key Infrastructure & Assets

  • Real time monitoring & audit trails

  • Integration with other systems

  • Reduced costs and improved productivity

  • Scalability based on needs and requirements

Surveillance: (CCTV)

  • Deterrence of criminal activity, deter and reduce risk of criminal activities, protecting assets and clients

  • Customisable to the needs and requirements

  • Remote monitoring for 24/7 monitoring

  • Improved Investigation assistance with authorities during incidents

  • Increased operational efficiency through advanced technology such as analytics

  • Peace of mind for both users and potential customers

  • Security & Surveillance Systems drastically improve the Security of our everyday lives.  

  • Security & Surveillance Systems are very versatile, CCTV Systems include ranging from basic cameras that capture standard-definition footage to advanced cameras with the high-definition resolution, AI, and Analytics capabilities. 

Access Control Systems include credential solutions such as cards, Fingerprints, Facial Recognition, QR codes, and mobile devices. Both systems are capable of integrating with each other as well as other security systems. 

At ACOM, we are industry professionals in designing and installing security and surveillance systems that meet your unique requirements. 

As experts in the field, we work closely with you to understand your security concerns and develop a cost-effective customized solution that provides the maximum level of protection & operational efficiency for your needs.

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