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Security Management Suite

Unify operations for intuitive & effective security management

Honeywell's Pro-Watch® software is a connected building platform for enterprise and critical infrastructure customers. It helps you meet the most stringent compliance requirements for your industry, and it reduces your total cost of ownership by increasing operator productivity with superior flexibility and scalability.


Pro-Watch Enterprise Edition Infrastruct
  • Web Based Client for Badging, Reporting, Alarm and Event Monitoring

  • Mobile Client for Badging, Badging Verification, and Door Control

  • Server support including Windows® Server 2012/2012R2, SQL Server 2012/ 2014/ 2016, Windows 7/8/8.1/ 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

  • Single user interface for multiple security and business functions

  • Honeywell Software Development Kit (HSDK) and Pro-Watch can be integrated with other building systems such as secondary fire, lighting and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

  • Web Services API enables Integration Options

  • Certification Management

  • Custom triggers and procedures

  • Event/action associations including sending emails, running a stored procedure, or triggering a panel I/O point

  • Pro-Watch-level triggered events for panel-to-panel and panel-to-software actions or within a panel for local actions

  • Advanced Reports

  • Virtualization support for VMWare and Microsoft® Hyper-V

  • Compliance Reports that offer data and statistical reporting; auto generated reports upon schedules

  • Easy system setup and maintenance with user definable hardware templates

  • Database partitioning and definable operator permissions

  • IP, serial and modem communications

  • Mercury M5 (CASI) and MS Bridge (Software House) Controller

  • Lite, Professional, Corporate and Enterprise editions




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