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OT Systems

Mobile security solution to transform fixed surveillance

Mobile & Wireless Rapid Deployment Security Solution

Leader of an all-in-one security system that is Smart, Efficient and Sustainable. Equipped with an AI Powered Video Analytics software which reduces manpower and increase efficiency.


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Think Differently

Think Differently


All-in-one Rapid Deployment Security Solution

OT Systems is Hong Kong’s leading provider of mobile and wireless rapid deployment CCTVs. We offer the solution when fixed surveillance is unattainable, unsustainable and unproductive.

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Artificial Intelligence Powered Video Analytics

Our highly-advanced system is integrated with an AI Powered Video Analytics software that offers real-time monitoring of events at an enhanced operational efficiency.

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Customized Rapid Deployment Units

As a project-based company, we value our customers’ needs. We offer a selection of models that best suits your requirements. Customization is also available upon request.



OTS product overview.png
Rapid Deployment Security Trailer.png

Rapid Deployment

Security Trailer

  • Large metal casing generates awareness

  • Designed for unprotected environment

  • Mast top 6m, crystal clear 360° elevated view

  • Signage available

  • 2-wheel single axle trailer

Semi-Permanent Rapid Deployment Security

Semi-Permanent Rapid Deployment Security Tower

  • Upright design ideal for long-term deployment

  • Designed for installation on muddy grounds, which is ideal for construction site monitoring

  • Construction site monitoring

  • Eye-catching to deter crime and vandalism

Rapid Deployment Security Cart.png

Rapid Deployment

Security Cart

  • Smart medium size perfect for urban city installation

  • Charging connection with AC & DC outlets

  • Mast top 6m, crystal clear 360° elevated view

  • Message Sign available

  • 4-wheel single cart

Rail-mount Rapid Deployment Security Tow

Rail-mount Rapid Deployment Security Tower

  • Rail mounted.

  • Able to attach on many fixtures.

  • Installation on narrow pavement.

  • Ultra light weight.

Light Rapid Deployment Security Cart.png

Light Rapid Deployment Security Cart

  • Smart slim design for urban city

  • Light size and weight, single manpower operation

  • Mast top 4m, ideal for event zone monitoring

  • 4-wheel single cart with a real-time monitor

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