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Flexible Leasing Options

Making Security Accessible: 

Why Choose Leasing for Your Security Needs? In a world where security is paramount, leasing is becoming the preferred choice in Asia-Pacific.  In addition to cost-effectiveness and flexibility, advanced security should be made accessible to everyone, from bustling retail shops to government buildings and even to your local startup.


Financial Freedom and Flexibility:

  • Empowering Startups and Small Businesses: We understand that every dream needs a safe place to flourish.  The leasing options we offer are perfect for those just starting out.

  • Keeping Your Cash Free: Keep your cash reserves for what truly matters - growing your business, exploring new opportunities and financial security.

  • No More Big Spend Fears: With leasing, the days of daunting one-time security investments are behind you. Spread out the costs and breathe easier.


Tailored Payments, Just for You:

  • Your Cash Flow, Our Flexibility: Our payment plans dance to the rhythm of your business's heartbeat, ensuring you're never out of step financially.

  • Change as You Grow: You can adjust your lease terms as your business grows. You're getting a security partner that grows along with you.

  • Upgrade with Ease: When it's time to level up your security, do it without penalty. It's our way of keeping you ahead of the curve.


Tech-Savvy Security at Your Fingertips:

  • Cutting-Edge Tech Without the Wait: Why lag behind when you can have the latest? AI-based surveillance, contactless biometrics – it's all within reach.

  • Stay Ahead, Stay Safe: Keep your edge in safety and efficiency with the latest in security tech.

  • Upgrades on Your Terms: Our lease agreements promise to keep you equipped with the best, always.


Support That Stands by You:

  • Minimise Downtime, Maximise Peace of Mind: Our support ensures that your operations run smoothly without the hiccups of equipment failure.

  • Cost-Saving Maintenance: Repairs and upkeep, a burden on your budget? We've got it covered under the lease.

  • Expertise at Your Disposal: Complex security systems need not be a headache. Our experts are here to help.


Tax-Smart Leasing:

  • Tax-Friendly Payments: Consider lease payments a smart and legal way to potentially reduce your taxable income. 

  • Healthy Financials: Off-balance-sheet financing can make your business look better financially, improving key ratios.

  • Simplified Tax Process: Lease payments are straightforward expenses on your books, making tax time less of a headache.


Budgeting Made Easy:

  • Predictability in Finances: Fixed monthly payments mean no surprises. Plan your budget with confidence.

  • No Unpleasant Surprises: The risk of unexpected repair or maintenance costs? Gone.

  • Clarity for the Future: Long-term financial planning becomes clearer when you know your future expenses.


Staying Current, Staying Agile:

  • No Worries About Outdated Tech: In a fast-paced world, leasing means you never get left behind with obsolete equipment.

  • Resale? Not Your Problem: Let go of concerns about the depreciation and resale of security equipment.

  • Invest Where It Matters: Free up your resources to focus on what drives your business forward.


Grow and Adapt with Confidence:

  • Flex with Your Business Needs: As your business grows or shifts, your security setup can adapt without financial strain.

  • Quick Response to Changing Times: Rapidly changing security needs? You're always prepared.

  • Personalised Security Solutions: Your business is unique, and so are your security needs. We tailor solutions just for you.


At ACOM, we're not just providing a service; we're building relationships. We take the time to know you, to understand your unique security challenges, and to craft solutions that aren't just effective – they're a perfect fit for you. Our commitment to personalisation is our promise of  meeting and exceeding your expectations, every time.

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