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Softwares Development for integration with Management System

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- Customisable software build and design for end user needs - Includes Video Management System, Visitor Management System, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Guard Tour, Attendance System, and PSIM - Security tailored and ready to be deployed - Outcome-based solutions/software to cut manpower resources hence lowering OPEZ cost - AI-powered to improve effectiveness and efficiency - Operation-friendly GUI and quick-to-access navigation for investigation, transactions, logs, and review Integration - Integrate COTS (Commercially Off The Shelve) products with ready API and SDK through a mid-ware to push and retrieve data - Ease of convenience for End Users by retrieving and pushing pinpoint data to the software - Customisable to End user needs as long as there are ready API and SDK - Merging of Legacy System to Modern System via Modbus and other protocols - Automation made simple with full control with PSIM

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Security & Surveillance System

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Prevention is better than cure. We help you build a hedge of protection, and an edge over your competition / over something (along the lines of this). Security: (ACS) 1) Improved & enhances security by restricting and limiting access to authorised personnels only 2) Protect Key Infrastructure & Assets 3) Real time monitoring & audit trails 4) Integration with other systems 5) Reduced costs and improved productivity 6) Scalability based on needs and requirements Surveillance: (CCTV) 1) Deterrence of criminal activity, deter and reduce risk of criminal activities, protecting assets and clients 2) Customisable to the needs and requirements 3) Remote monitoring for 24/7 monitoring 4) Improved Investigation assistance with authorities during incidents 5) Increased operational efficiency through advanced technology such as analytics 6) Peace of mind for both users and potential customers Security & Surveillance Systems drastically improve the Security of our everyday lives. Security & Surveillance Systems are very versatile, CCTV Systems include ranging from basic cameras that capture standard-definition footage to advanced cameras with the high-definition resolution, AI, and Analytics capabilities. Access Control Systems include credential solutions such as cards, Fingerprints, Facial Recognition, QR codes, and mobile devices. Both systems are capable of integrating with each other as well as other security systems. At ACOM, we are industry professionals in designing and installing security and surveillance systems that meet your unique requirements. As experts in the field, we work closely with you to understand your security concerns and develop a cost-effective customized solution that provides the maximum level of protection & operational efficiency for your needs.

Advanced Wireless System

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Wireless communication is the transmission of data without cables or wires. In place of a physical connection, data travels through electromagnetic signals broadcast from sending facilities to intermediate and end-user devices. This includes communications using radio frequency (RF) as well as infrared (IR) waves. The new generation of wireless communications creates more sophisticated capabilities, giving users more flexibility in how they access the information and services they need. As a result, people can now connect to resources from almost anywhere. Wireless communications offer several cost and connectivity benefits for organizations. Laying of Physical cables can be costly due to the high labor & material costs involved. Cable tracing, cable detection, and rectification works are also time and cost-consuming when it comes to maintenance, repair, or replacement of infrastructure. Wireless communication systems on the other hand can be easily set up to communicate with each other over long distances via Line of Sight. The equipment is easily accessible, and any faults or issues can be easily detected and rectified without the need for time-consuming tracing work. Regular Maintenance of the system also ensures that the system operates in High availability. This removes the need for physical cabling and increases productivity while saving costs as well. Wireless communications are now a fundamental part of our daily lives. As capacity and performance characteristics supported by these standards converge, wireless communications enable us to advance in the solutions we provide ACOM offers a wide range of security and managed services to assist you with your current and future requirements. Reach out to our Sales Team for more details about our managed services!

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Physical Security

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- Improving perimeter defence for organisation(s) with the help of technology which includes but is not limited to, FIDS (Fence Intrusion Detection System), Crash Bollards, Crash Arm Barrier, Road Blockers & Access Control Systems. -Tripod, Full Height, and Half Height Turnstiles with an Access Control System to manage authorisation of entry and human traffic speed within protected premises. - Protecting Assets with the following framework: Identifying function assists in developing an organisational understanding of managing risk to systems, people, assets, and data in the client’s premises. Protect function supports the ability to limit or contain the impact of potential security events and outlines safeguards for the delivery of critical services. Detect function defines the appropriate activities to identify the occurrence of a security event in a timely manner. Respond includes appropriate activities to act regarding a detected security incident to minimize impact. Recover function identifies appropriate activities to maintain plans for resilience and to store services impaired during security incidents.


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While the appeal of owning your equipment is often strong, leasing can free up significant capital for business owners. According to a U.S. Equipment Finance Market Study for 2016, 39% of businesses that acquired new equipment leased it compared to 17% in 2012. Leasing capital equipment frees up cash for other financial needs of growing companies. Maybe you’re looking to expand but can’t afford to buy new equipment. Or your industry changes rapidly, making your current equipment obsolete every few years. Leasing capital equipment: Lowers upfront costs, compared to buying equipment outright Reduces the chance that your company gets stuck with obsolete equipment if your contract specifies upgrades Transfers the cost of equipment maintenance to the leasing company, again according to the terms of your contract Provides an income tax break, because you can deduct your leasing costs as a business expense Offers an easier way to get the equipment you need if your company’s credit is iffy Eliminates the hassle and cost of trashing outdated and sometimes environmentally harmful Services for lease Software as a service SAAS

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