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Physical Security

ACOM's Comprehensive Physical Security Solution: Your Shield Against the World

Welcome to ACOM's Physical Security Solution, where we don't just offer security systems; we offer peace of mind. Our comprehensive package is a fortress, designed to protect not just your perimeter but everything that matters to you – your people, your assets, and your precious data.


A Fortified Perimeter for Your World:

  • Our advanced technologies are like an unbreachable shield. From Fence Intrusion Detection to formidable Crash Bollards and Barriers, we've turned perimeter defence into an art.


Sophisticated Entry Management: Your Personal Gatekeeper:

  • Our Turnstile systems aren't just barriers; they're the intelligent gatekeepers of your domain, ensuring that only those who belong get through.


A Safety Net That Thinks and Acts:

  • Our Comprehensive Asset Protection Framework is like having a guardian angel looking over you, always vigilant and ready to protect your assets.

    • Identify Function: We see risks, we understand them and help you navigate the complexities of security.

    • Protect Function: To minimise the impact of any security event, our systems operate like a protective embrace.

    • Detect Function: We're always on the lookout, ensuring threats are spotted quickly.

    • Respond Function: In the face of danger, we're not just reactive; we're proactive.

    • Recover Function: We believe in resilience, in bouncing back stronger and smarter.


With ACOM's Physical Security Solution, you get more than just a security system; you get a security partner. We tailor our solutions to fit the unique rhythm of your organisation, ensuring that every layer of security works in perfect harmony. It's an efficient, effective, multi-layered approach.


Count on us as your security architects to craft a solution that meets today's needs but is also ready for tomorrow's threats. Having ACOM on your side ensures you are prepared, protected, resilient, and ready to face the world's challenges.

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