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Advanced CCTV Solutions with Video Analytics

Our Advanced CCTV Solutions, now enhanced with Video Analytics, offer cutting-edge surveillance technology that goes beyond traditional monitoring. Designed for a range of environments, from small businesses to large-scale enterprises, these solutions not only record but also analyse  video footage to provide insightful and actionable data.

Key-feature highlights: 

  • High-Definition Video Quality: Capture every detail with our high-resolution cameras, ensuring clear and sharp footage in various lighting conditions.

  • Intelligent Video Analytics: Utilise advanced algorithms to detect, classify, and analyse objects and behaviours in real-time, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

  • Remote Monitoring: Access live and recorded footage from anywhere,anytime, through a secure, user-friendly mobile interface.

  • Motion Detection and Instant Alerts: Stay informed with real-time alerts for unusual activities enabled by sophisticated motion detection technology.

  • Wide-Angle Coverage and Night Vision: Benefit from wide coverage areas and night vision capabilities, ensuring comprehensive surveillance around the clock.

  • Weather and Tamper Resistance: Our durable cameras are designed to withstand adverse weather and resist tampering, ensuring consistent performance.

  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate with existing security systems for a cohesive and comprehensive security approach.

  • Data Storage and Secure Backup: Flexible storage solutions with robust backup systems ensure your data is safe and always accessible.

Advanced Key-features with Video Analytics highlights: 

  • Facial Recognition: Identify and verify individuals automatically, enhancing security and access control.

  • Crowd Density Analysis: Monitor and analyse crowd density for safety management and operational planning.

  • Intrusion Detection: Automatically detect unauthorised entry in restricted areas.

  • Vehicle Recognition: Identify and track vehicle movements, useful for parking management and traffic analysis.

  • Heat Mapping: Understand traffic flow and visitor patterns within your premises for strategic business insights.


  • Proactive Security Measures: Advanced analytics enable preemptive actions against potential security threats.

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Gain valuable insights into customer behaviours, peak hours, and more for informed business decisions.

  • Evidence and Compliance: Reliable footage and data analytics for legal compliance and evidence in case of incidents.

  • Peace of Mind: Assurance of a comprehensive surveillance system safeguarding your property.

Our CCTV Solutions with Video Analytics are perfect for sectors requiring advanced security and operational insights, including retail, corporate, educational institutions, and public spaces.

Incorporate our Advanced CCTV Solutions with Video Analytics into your security strategy for a smarter, more responsive surveillance system, driving safety and efficiency to new heights.

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