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SecureScan Physical Security Screening Solutions

SecureScan Physical Security Screening Solutions are engineered to enhance safety and security in high-traffic environments such as airports, government buildings, corporate facilities, and public venues. These advanced screening systems are designed to efficiently detect potential threats while ensuring a smooth flow of people and goods.

Key-feature highlights:


  • Advanced Metal Detection: Utilises sophisticated metal detection technology to identify a wide range of metallic threats, including weapons and contraband items.

  • Full-Body Scanners: State-of-the-art full-body scanning systems provide a comprehensive examination of concealed objects without physical contact, ensuring comfort and privacy.

  • X-Ray Baggage Inspection: High-resolution X-ray scanners to thoroughly inspect bags and parcels, identifying potential threats and prohibited items with clarity and precision.

  • Explosive Trace Detection: Sensitive detection of trace amounts of explosives, enhancing security, especially in high-risk environments.

  • Automated Screening Lines: Streamlines the screening process with automated systems, reducing wait times and improving the efficiency of security checkpoints.

  • Integrated Software Systems: Features advanced software for real-time data analysis, threat identification, and system management.

  • Modular Design: The systems are designed to be flexible and modular, easily adaptable to different environments, regardless of space constraints.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive operation for security personnel with minimal training requirements


  • Enhanced Security: Robust detection capabilities ensure identification and prevention of potential threats.

  • Operational Efficiency: Speeds up the screening process, reducing queues and wait times without compromising security.

  • User Privacy and Comfort: Non-invasive body scanning and efficient baggage checks respect individual privacy and comfort.

  • Customisable Solutions: Designed to meet specific operational requirements and environments for maximum effectiveness.

SecureScan is ideal for transportation hubs, government facilities, corporate complexes, and public events where high-level security screening is paramount.

With SecureScan Physical Security Screening Solutions, ensure the safety and security of your premises and people, leveraging the latest technology for efficient and reliable threat detection.

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